Month: November 2017

[IG] 171119 hapooooom_1st update with Gong Seungyeon

Hapoom is a photographer and illustrator. She gave Seungyeon a phone case and Seungyeon gave a signed message in return. "Thank you for your beautiful photos, please take a lot more, they are very healing." Check out Hapoom's work here:

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[IG] 171119 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: Pink pink ❤️ (said cutely, bbingu bbingu)

Trans by GongLee Global: Somehow my body isn't like what it was... I became sluggish..ㅋ

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[IG] 171118 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: In rehearsal in Fukuoka

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[IG] 171117 Lee Jonghyun update

Lee Jonghyun is watching L'avenir (Things to Come) about a philosophy teacher who soldiers through the death of her mother, getting fired from her job, and dealing with a husband who is cheating on her.

Lee Jonghyun also cited Jean Jacques Rousseau's novel, Julie (Letters of Two Lovers Who Live in a Small Town at the Foot of the Alps), which appeared as a dialogue in the movie. Read for free here:

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[IG] 171116 Gong Seungyeon update (feat. Daddy Yoo)

171116 Gong Seungyeon update (feat. Daddy Yoo): Be successful~~~ please~

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