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[Trans] Gong Seungyeon in GRAZIA Korea April Issue (Cover Story)

[Trans] Gong Seungyeon in GRAZIA Korea April Issue (Cover Story)

Translation by GongLee Global


As it is, I’m loving now.

Another trans: (I’m loving how it is/how I am now)


Even without bothering to dress up and put on makeup, I met a truly beautiful Gong Seungyeon. Just like the pink light that just bloomed from the mountaintop.


  1. Whoa, it’s your third time to shoot with Grazia. And this time, you’re on the cover.

I have a good relationship with Grazia. I had my first interview with Grazia, it’s a real honor to have taken my first cover shoot with them, too.


  1. How was today’s shoot?

The atmosphere was cozy, so we were able to shoot comfortably. I find that it’s easier for me to shoot beauty editorials, that rely on facial expressions and emotions, than fashion editorials.


  1. How different is it now, compared to 3 years ago?

To be honest, I felt a lot of anxiety when I first started my career. However, I feel that I’ve grown a lot as my body of work expands. I feel happy with my situation right now.


  1. You’re done filming ‘Are You Human Too?’ which is slated for broadcast in June. It’s your first leading role on a public network drama, right?

That’s right. During last year’s interview, I was filming ‘Circle,’ before that, I was doing ‘My Only Love Song,’ and just at the end of last year, I finished ‘Are You Human Too?’ Last year was really busy. We filmed ‘Are You Human Too?’ without stopping to breathe, I felt a lot more burden and pressure because it was a leading role. I wondered if I can accomplish it because I wanted it. And when it was done, it felt more significant because I went beyond my limits. I learned to stay focused on my acting.

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[IG] 180116 Gong Seungyeon

Trans by GongLee Global: Mixnine Heo Chanmi! Please support her ^^ I love you, my friend!

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[IG] 171229 Gong Seungyeon update (2)

Trans by GongLee Global: Eat that.

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[IG] 171203 Gong Seungyeon update

Trans by GongLee Global:  I hope your business becomes successful

Trans by GongLee Global: Love you~ Be happy~

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