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Gong Seungyeon in Are You Human, Too? (No final air date yet) Lee Jonghyun on Lingerie Generation (first broadcast: Sept.11), both in KBS2^^

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[IG] 170820 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: Hong Kong I love you!!!

Trans by GongLee Global: I'll come again!!

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[IG] 170819 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: The 10th Hong Kong concert!!!!

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[News] 'Blue Chip' Seo Youngju, Lee Jonghyun, Yeo Hwihyun confirmed as male leads for 'Lingerie Generation'

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Lee Jonghyun is the 'drugstore bachelor' Joo Youngchun, a cold-looking man with a great sensitivity and kindness.

*Note: Blue chip is used to describe things/people that are reliable investments, something you can put your trust on. :)

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