[Recaps] We Got Married Eps 278


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[Recap] In that moment I forgot there was a camera there...

JH: "I'm sorry to say...


...but in that moment I forgot there was a camera there. 

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[Recap] When she makes him laugh

aigoo...cheer up JH!! (eventhough it's just a photo shoot)... why do I always think that truly SY is the only one that brings his cheerful side..seriously i was analyzing each of their episodes...each of the episode will brought him to laugh hard...none of it left behind....this going to be long post...bare with my spamming guys...miss those smiles...those laughs..

He fell for her at the first sight..


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[Recap] sy and white shirts

SY and her obsession with white shirt :P:wub:

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[Recaps] they said it's the end...

by onlyblue7 at soompi

Hi everyone,

I finally had some time to watch the last episode with subs. Was all geared up to post my thoughts but real life got really busy…

I said I’d post about my favourite scenes from their whole stint, but I don’t think I have enough time for that now. The memories are already etched in my mind so I’ll save that for another time.

So on to the last episode…Sorry if I’m repeating what you guys have brought up before, but doesn’t that mean we are in agreement about how things went with our couple? Hehe…Read more

[Recap] Not the End but a Hopeful Beginning

One: It was a beautiful marriage, albeit short but very sweet. A marriage you cant compare with any WGM marriages they had on this show. I love the fact that they both (indirectly) addressed how some couples behaved after they leave the show. I.e., behaving like strangers, pretending like they do not see or contact each other anymore etc. Applause! Applause! for this two. Its like they were saying, yeah our virtual marriage has ended but why cut ties? You cant just throw away that history, especially if it gave you much joy and left you beautiful memories.

Two: I wonder what happened after they left Kpop Jeju and going to the ocean, because JH's mood obviously became so much better. I love the mango bit in the car, him asking her if she wants to eat some ( even though he doesn't like mangoes), and her saying she wont because he doesn't like it, his reaction and the way he kissed her hand multiple times was so adorable and natural, haha. He was so happy. Lol.  Read more