[Recap] Episode 264

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date filmed: March 2, 2015
date aired: March 21, 2015
location: Sungshin Women's University, Coex Aquarium [map]
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[Recap] Out into the world

I don't know if this is the song either but in some ways it sounds like her.

At first to me it talks about being a child kind of sad seeing the outside world from upside down. Maybe missing it!

Wonder if it means the part of her childhood spent at SM mostly inside buildings dancing,singing, always practicing missing out on her childhood.  Not being outside where the flowers,trees and grass grow.  Which she loves so much.   But working as her childhood was  fading!  Maybe even wishing she could do the simple things, like just being a normal girl.  Riding a bike down a street.

But things keep going round and round working, waiting, working, waiting but never getting to debut like she hoped and dreamed about.  Watching others fulfill their dreams passing her by as if she were in a dark corner never being seen.  Sounds hard and lonely.

  Maybe In her mind always giving up everything to take hold of her dreams and making them come true.  Maybe a part of that dream was hoping to find someone to love.   Who would love her too!   Maybe this song was her way of telling him thank you for loving me first for waiting until I was sure or ready.   Saying that  she is willing to sacrifice herself to protect him..  Also saying she couldn't give him up to protect herself.  She is so thankful for this love and for his waiting heart.  That with him beside her she has found strength and joy and now can walk out that door enjoy the beauty of being in love.  Also the beauty outside she had missed so much....

This may not be the song but if it is, than she is the only one who knows what it means because everyone will have a different interpretation.  Songs & Poems work that way. But if it is she picked a good one.:wub:

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[Recap] Episode 264 Recap

After the obligatory review of last episode’s cheesy lines and serenade, we continue with Jonghyun and Seungyeon’s date in the classroom. He insists she take flowers so she asks, embarrassed, “to meet the second man?” He tells her he has a second bouquet and will give it to her before he leaves. So she must tell him she’s already married. She smiles and tells him that “if you meet another person…” “I’ll be firm,” he says. Jonghyun mentions that it said it in the card. He has a choice. She pulls her out and re-reads it. Hers also states she chooses the husband she wants.
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[Recap] Witnessing something truly special..

Hey Brownie fam,

I was at work today and wasn't able to concentrate because for some reason I just had so many thoughts to share about our couple and just the show in general... this couple seriously... what are they doing to me?!
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[Recap] Hot bath in Japan

SY and JH in the hot bath in Japan (inside the building):

*SY taking off her towel*

*JH totally distracted, trying not to look at her while giving his best to keep his emotions in check*

SY: Yesterday... our first night...

*JH completely loses it realising the absurdity of the situation while Bear Fatale is still unaware of her effect on him (and probably the whole world)*
His face was so funny to watch!!!  She got him right there:D

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[Recap] Episode 263 Recap

Our hero, Lee Jonghyun, is at home when receives a mission card telling him where to go on the first date to meet one of two potential wives. He’s excited about this new adventure he’s about to undertake. His children are getting a mother but the kids don’t seem as excited as he is and have nothing to say. They are puppies after all.
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