[Recap] The charging will continue

Dear Brownies,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for such a wonderful experience I had for the past 6 months. I have never imagine myself frequently (like every 20mins) swiping my IG, twitter, jongyeon wordpress page and to join in a forum like this before!!! At a certain stage, my husband thought I am mad! Admittedly, I am addicted! Addicted to our BE couple and addicted with all the love showered here.

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[Recap] No matter how much they fight it, the love is for real

After watching today’s raw episode, it left me with a bittersweet feeling. There were moments in the episode that made it seem like they are really dating for real already especially during the Jeju bits but there were also moments during the last segment that made it seem that they have not taken the courage yet to confess their true feelings to each other. Maybe this feeling of mine is also because I'm still not really okay about them saying farewell this soon. Anyways, although we may never know what is happening and what will be happening behind the scenes with these two, all I can say is that these two love each other for real and that’s a fact. You can see it through their eyes, through their smiles, and in the way they reach for each other's hands all the time. Their affection for each other radiates through the screen and that’s why we are all here supporting them. If they are already dating for real, I just hope they continue loving each other till the very end but if they have not taken the next step yet, I have confidence these two will work it out because no matter how much they fight it, the love is for real. It’s destiny that made them meet through WGM and they themselves know this. Again no bias, they are hands down the sweetest and most genuine WGM couple I’ve ever seen and I know all the WGM panelists will agree with me on this.
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[Recap] What benefit does Jonghyun get from doing We Got Married?

What benefit JH gets from doing WGM? FREEDOM

He's been drawn inside K Entertainment circle for more than 5 years. He gets popularity, money, wears branded clothes, rides expensive cars, gains celebrity status. Everywhere he goes people, especially girls react crazily. But, there is something he must sacrifice, his FREEDOM. It makes me sooo sad when I heard that celebrities (especially in SK) cannot walk freely on the street, hiding their faces under the masks, go to market, buy things at the shops, go to mall (I heard they buy clothes or other things through cordi/stylist or online shopping), hang out with friends, go to cinema, etc. Freedom for famous people is their most wanted prize in their lives. They desperately want it!!
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