[IG] Brother-in-law

Just when we thought this day couldn't get any better, our Jonghyun's brother in law gave us a surprise! And our sharp eyed brownies managed to capture this action! hahaha

For those who don't know, jonghyun's brother in law is the husband of jonghyun's sister and his IG is in.deco.

At 8.38 pm KST, he started to follow seungyeon IG, and just like this pic below, a couple of minutes later, he put a like and then comment on her pic. His comment translation goes :

"Really glad to meet you yesterday ~^^ We'll always support you"

translation credit to @fizhasan

what a really happy day this is right fellow brownies? XD


[IG] 150515 Instagram Chronicles Update

7.16 pm KST

7.20 pm KST

trivia: this is the fastest like that sy has made hahahaha (probably they have just finished filming lol)

[IG] 150513 Instagram Chronicles Update

Trans by GongLee Global: Just because 1.

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[IG] 150512 Instagram Chronicles Update

5.55 pm KST

7.59 pm KST


1.16 am KST

7.55 am KST

[IG] 150508 Instagram Chronicles Update

11.22 am KST

[IG] 150506 Instagram Chronicles Update

1.46 pm KST