[Transcript] Episode 285 transcript

JH/SY: Woohoo!!!
SY: Ah, this is really funny
JH: I’m digging my own grave!
SY: Why didn’t you…
JH: Ah!!!!!!!!
SY: Wow…
JH: This is really nice!
SY: …I love you…~~
JH: …I love you…~
SY: Let’s go all the way to the end of the ocean!
JH: To the end?
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[Transcript] Episode 284 transcript

JH: Why are there so many people?
MC: JS: A place where you’re always excited.
MC: CH: Seriously, I…
MC: MS: Airport…
MC: CH: Must be a full blown vacation season.
MC: JS: Yes. Yes.
MC: MS: Wow! There really is a lot of people.
SY: The busiest time of the season?
JH: Uh huh.
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[Preview] JongHyun ♥ SeungYeon Ep. 22 Preview Photos + Text

WGM Lee Jonghyun & Gong Seungyeon go to Jeju island for summer vacation.
JH&SY enjoy driving in a convertible after arriving at Jeju. SY keeps giving exclamations of suprise about Jeju's scenery saying "Are there any scenic drives like this in Seoul?"Read more

[Preview] JongHyun ♥ SeungYeon Ep. 18 Preview Photos + Text

Check Out Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon’s Wedding


[by Woorim Ahn] Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon got married in MBC ‘We Got Married4’.

Unlike other typical wedding, the two wanted a ceremony just like a party in movies. They planned an informal wedding that they could appear at the wedding with sunglasses to dance.
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