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[Video] 180812 Show Me the Money 6

Show Me the Money 6 - Killagramz (feat. DEAN and Zico, and studio audience Lee Jonghyun 😅) - Where

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[Videos] 170618 Gong Seungyeon in Oh! Cool Guy

Gong Seungyeon crowned the competition goddess! The world's fairest(?!) shoe free throw!

Park Hwison ♥ Gong Seungyeon's 60-sec. romance! A charming step backward^^
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[Videos] 170611 Gong Seungyeon in Oh! Cool Guy

Chaos at the appearance of Gong Seungyeon! How did Han Sangjin manage to cast her?!

What building has the same motif as the 'Royal robe sail'? Jo Seho vs. Gong Seungyeon

Namhan River survival game (?

Athlete Kim Donghyun's pork trotter and buckwheat noodle bowl.

Full-scale Gong Seungyeon Ideal World Cup! The 1st place leading man is me!

Even in death, a king's funeral is fancy! Sometimes for as long as 5mos!

The secret of the Royal Tomb of Great King Sejong

Oh! Cool Guy Full Episode (11회)

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