[Recap] More than just a dance

I just watched the raw again and noticed a couple more things:

After Party

1. SY has some new facial expressions she has never made before. (She clenches her mouth shut to hold back a laugh, and squenches her face all up) She even did this in the BRI when asked about the peck…I’m not going to call it a kiss LOL!!!

2. Starting at 23.28 JH looks like he starting to look for the opportunity to kiss her.

23:37 JH says she is cute, but then starts watching her mouth.

23:41 she is afraid to make eye contact because he seems very intense…he is just waiting for her to look at him.

23:43 (THE MOMENT) She looks up and her mouth is kind of scewed and smiling then squeezes her lips together, but he has her hand, head tilted, and he starts to pull her towards him. If she gave him the right signal…he would have planted the kiss right then.

There are numerous moments when JH is looking at her mouth. SY (whether consciously or subconsciously) flirts then pulls away…almost like putting your toe in the water to test it’s temperature, then pulling it back out. She wants to be closer…a lot…but at the same time she’s is not 100% sure of what JH will do next so she pulls back. It’s a lovely push pull this whole dancing scene!
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I think you’ve nailed it. You actually can see that starting from 23.28 she leans back and he has to pull with a little more strength to keep her close to him. Like she’s concious of the moment and that he’s looking intensively at her lips. Also i think the editing is misleading. I think that what we see it’s not actually in the filming sequence. I say that based on some details (like arms position). But who cares anyway….

I think at the beginning she was caught off guard. Just when she put her feet on this feet, he actually pulls her towards him and their face naturally get closer. He has THAT intense look and a smile on his face and you can notice that she needs to turn her head a little, like she’s thinking “what’s happening here???” JH is really a gentlemen. He knows that kiss her on camera probably is not the best thing for her right now. He has an amazing self control.

Also, frankly speaking, i can’t imagine them simply going home after that intense filming. I mean, how can you end things like this and say “goodbye, see you next time???”

I imagine them having some private time alone (maybe with the help of their managers) and finish the dance just how JH planned, with a sweet and romantic kiss. Maybe even saying i love you. I mean, the tension was incredible, how can they go to sleep like that? At some moments it seemed like the guy was about to explode just by having her so near, and her shyness just says it all….

Do you guys think that next episode it’s the one with the puppies? If not, this means that thay’ve met regularly each two weeks…someone is keeping track of their meetings???

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About the wedding stint, i’m just happy they won a coupon to go on holidays. This means more filming, more meetings, more love. And more WGM…I hope they’re going for a long run!