[Recap] Not the End but a Hopeful Beginning

One: It was a beautiful marriage, albeit short but very sweet. A marriage you cant compare with any WGM marriages they had on this show. I love the fact that they both (indirectly) addressed how some couples behaved after they leave the show. I.e., behaving like strangers, pretending like they do not see or contact each other anymore etc. Applause! Applause! for this two. Its like they were saying, yeah our virtual marriage has ended but why cut ties? You cant just throw away that history, especially if it gave you much joy and left you beautiful memories.

Two: I wonder what happened after they left Kpop Jeju and going to the ocean, because JH’s mood obviously became so much better. I love the mango bit in the car, him asking her if she wants to eat some ( even though he doesn’t like mangoes), and her saying she wont because he doesn’t like it, his reaction and the way he kissed her hand multiple times was so adorable and natural, haha. He was so happy. Lol.  

Three: They were saying goodbye in Seoul but why do I feel like they were more sad and anxious on what to happen next in Jeju. Especially JH. I want to think after the confession, they somewhat reassured each other that what they have need not end when the show ends thus when they had their final filming in Seoul they behaved more “hopeful” than sad? I cant express what I wanted to say. Lol. I hope I am making sense.

Four: The way JH touches her are so natural and couple- like, ie. the welcome hug when she entered the house, when he showed her the room of flowers, his hands are everywhere. Hehe, car scenes, even in the studio, thus that hug he gave her at the end felt and looked awkward. I cry. Lol. ( She looked so beautiful with the messy hair and you just hugged her like that, pabo.)

Five: I badly want to know when the wrap-up party happened because their dynamics were different this time. SH looked shy and behaved like a supportive girlfriend and JH being aggressive, confident and flirty and taking the lead I love. Lol. The way they looked at each other feels like they were having a private joke or talking in morse code. Lol. These two are trolling us.

P.S. I love laughing JH while SY was recording. He looked so amused and happy just hearing her sing. They were natural, teasing each other and just having fun. If by this time, JH has not made a move yet to make her his woman, I don’t know what to think anymore. Its not like he is the type to stop when he wants something badly anyway. Unless…Anyways, what I want to say is,  if he let her go, its his loss. lmao

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