[IG] 171203 Gong Seungyeon update

Trans by GongLee Global:  I hope your business becomes successful

Trans by GongLee Global: Love you~ Be happy~

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[IG] 171202 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: 2017 tour is done! Looking forward to next year!!^^

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[IG] 171202 Gong Seungyeon update

Trans by GongLee Global: Dropped by tvN Revolutionary Love Song Hyunwook PD's support car^^ I miss everyone!! Have strength until the very end

Trans by GongLee Global:I'm coming too. Hang on. Today, I managed to take a pretty one... Have the unnies made Jeongyeonnie a YooDdoMak (Yoo Jeongyeon is a maknae again)...

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