02 Thank you photobook

[Project] 02 Thank you Photobook (Chi)


[Project] 02 Thank you photobook (Eng)


Original version (korean) of the photobook that we sent to JH and SY is still available online for viewing :)

[Project] 02 Thank You Photobook (with English Translation)

View the photobook online: 02 Thank You Photobook


To Jonghyun and Seungyeon,

No matter what the future holds or where your lives should lead, we will be cheering you on and expecting great things to see!

We are so thankful for the tender pictures engraved upon our hearts. For showing us that it's the simple loving things we do everyday that recharge our lives, we will forever be thankful to you both for reminding us how precious love can be.
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[Project] 02 Thank You Photobook

hi guys!

we're happy to inform you that the photobooks have been safely delivered to jonghyun and seungyeon through their agencies. many, many thanks to @iheartpororo92 for hand delivering the photobooks to fnc and yuko. we would also like to thank everyone here who has supported us and encouraged us til the end so the photobook can be finished.

i would like to give my special thanks to @b8l8@panda101sf@azwhoony@gendhuk@shinesun@moca_hanzel,
@Rowina @freelyruth_stv@GongEEngsub@luvtokki, @usafarmgirl, @superbing,
@Netka85@happy2bhere for the long nights of putting the photobook together. thank you so, so much!

to everyone who generously donated to make this possible, thank you so much! to everyone who sent their heartfelt messages, thank you! and to everyone here, for your love, thank you!


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[Project] 02 Thank you Project Updates

from B.E.S.T: we are currently working on Episode 276 full subs, if you read/speak Korean and are interested in helping us, pls let us know. thanks!

from Gonglee Global:

a quick peek into the photobook:

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