[Trans] Lucid dream Translations

Lucid Dream
Lyrics by Lee Jonghyun
Music by Lee Jonghyun, Han Seunghun, Kim Jaeyang
Trans by swarley242
Analysis by happy2bhere [text in blue]

A dream like reality
Praying that I won't wake
Today is the same....

The whole WGM experience is a "dream like reality". JH took his WGM experience and did what he believe would be a dream married life. Read more

[Recap] What benefit does Jonghyun get from doing We Got Married?

What benefit JH gets from doing WGM? FREEDOM

He's been drawn inside K Entertainment circle for more than 5 years. He gets popularity, money, wears branded clothes, rides expensive cars, gains celebrity status. Everywhere he goes people, especially girls react crazily. But, there is something he must sacrifice, his FREEDOM. It makes me sooo sad when I heard that celebrities (especially in SK) cannot walk freely on the street, hiding their faces under the masks, go to market, buy things at the shops, go to mall (I heard they buy clothes or other things through cordi/stylist or online shopping), hang out with friends, go to cinema, etc. Freedom for famous people is their most wanted prize in their lives. They desperately want it!!
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[Recap] They chose well

5 hours ago, GongLeeAddict said:

For JH, meet someone like SY, who saw him as a real Lee Jonghyun, not as Lee Jonghyun as idol, is once in millions chance in that industry. The fact that SY is easy going, not demanding, easy to pleased (she dont care what they do or where they go as long they together), very caring and always follow his can he let her go? Even having her as a friend in that hard demanding industry is a luck. And for SY, having this talented and hardworking guy, who's always compliment her, always protect her, always support her, someone who will catch her whe she fall, who will hug her when she can she's not fallen?....they not perfect but they complete each other, that's why every one see them as beautiful couple, because they accept each other weakness and choose to see the positive things they have.

Other couple have mission each time they meet, for our couple after they paired up, they only have 3 mission, first, to find nickname for each other, which they ignored completely, the second was walking with three leg, which make their level of skinship is higher and last is prepare their wedding, which give us a very warm fam meeting, perfect proposal, fun wedding and explosive first dance.

Sorry for cutting your post. I have to say, I love what you wrote. One thing that I love about them too is that even if this is a fake marriage, they are not playing house. Because if there is one thing that makes me stop watching other couples is when they start to play house. It just feels contrived which is ironic for this is about a fake marriage anyway. Ain't that what they are supposed to do? Even go as far as faking it. But no, our couple just do their own thing in their own way and they don't need much mission cards to keep their flow going, and that is what always drew me.

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[Recap] More than just a virtual couple

Well i know it's already late to talk about last ep, but because i decided to back to our lovely home, here my though about their wedding ep. I know brownies dying to see them kiss properly, but for me the fact that JH choose to kiss SY cheeck (eventhough we can see he really want to give her lipkiss) like she asked, was the Realest thing ever. I remember the conversation w/ my hubby 12 years ago, before we married, he said: of course man always want skinship, but when a man meet the one girl he want for the rest of his life, its more important to catch her heart, to had her trust and to connect w/ her emotionally, all fisical needs can wait until both ready. After all, they can have everything they want after they officially have each other:P.Read more

[Recap] Chemistry based on true life experience


I went to watch the first couple of episodes of uri couple during my study breaks just to find some really interesting little bits and pieces in context to the knowledge we have now, months later. Thought I'd share in case some of you aren't aware of this anymore either...^_^

During the early WGM segments of uri couple Jonghyun is still quite concious of the cameras and his audience. Also he doesn't want to appear like an open book to Seungyeon at first. He said quite a few times how he wanted to control his face expressions, but he eventually just couldn't help his cheek bones shooting up into a huge smile showing off his dimples almost whenever he looked at Seungyeon. Now he doesn't seem to care as much anymore. He's become as comfortable as possible around the cameras and what's even more important, he doesn't even try to hide his emotions from Seungyeon anymore. This smile is pretty much engraved to his face around about 90 percent of the time these two spend together and I gotta say, I really love seeing him happy like that! 
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[Recap] From the very first time they met, they meant it

A couple like JY is the reason as to why WGM prevails in terms of its genuineness, its implications, and its ability to allow two individuals to open up romantically, emotionally, and mentally. Not all couples fit into this category; Many do not take the full advantages of the show's premise, instead going with the safe option of maintaining a friendly, working relationship with their counterpart rather than taking a step further. WGM has allowed for those couples that genuinely are attracted to each other, such as JY, to fully express themselves. It's during those key moments where they open up that we can see how they truly feel and think about one another. WGM's participants are almost always celebrities; they are instructed to uphold a public image, and are responsible for maintaining this image on a regular basis. However, it's the type of show that makes WGM stand out from the others; they are given free reign to express what is on their mind, and reveal an aspect of themselves that their fans rarely ever see. It is one of the closest representations of their personalities, beliefs, and romantic life that is available for us, the viewers and fans.
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