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[Videos] 160618 KBS Battle Trip Episode 10



Lee Jonghyun CUT

Battle Trip, the youngest Choi Taejoon's appearance 'anxious to come out'

Battle Trip, Joonyoung, Jonghyun, and Taejoon's Macau Tour Start!

Battle Trip, Staff members' special gift, shirts with M.A.N.?!

Battle Trip, Enjoying the Skywalk for this one life shot

Battle Trip, Flustered Choi Taejoon talked to the staff in Korean

Battle Trip, Thieves Filming Site, recreating the photo in the movie poster

Battle Trip, Encountered Europe in 3 hours 'St. Paul's Cathedral'

Battle Trip, 130m high, see the world's first figure-8 ferris wheel!

Battle Trip, The Men's recommended menu, 6 stars out of 5 fried rice!

Battle Trip, Baek Jongwon's recommended restaurant, Jonghyun grinned as soon as the shrimp noodles arrived

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Battle Trip, Preview of Jung Joonyoung & Lee Jonghyun's Self Composed Friendship Song is Revealed (Source)


Battle Trip, Lee Jonghyun, "Why I don't have a girlfriend? Cause I fell for fishing" (Source)


Battle Trip, Choi Taejoon, Jung Joonyoung & Lee Jonghyun do the 35-stories high skywalk challenge (Source)