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[Exclusive! Star] let's visit the first cosmetic CF filming location of HITTG and WGM Cinderella GSY

The most popular Cinderella of 2015 has been born. Perhaps you have heard it through the grapevine? The question hides the hint and we are not sure if you have caught it.

The main character is GSY who after giving us a strong first impression through SBS drama HITTG, went on to be selected as a new bride in MBC variety program wgm thus becoming a hot topic.

Having shot to fame when she suddenly appeared, she was quickly selected to be a comestic cf model that only top level actresses could take on. How could we not follow starach to check out the filming location on site?

 Last month on the morning of the 29th, at a photography studio in seoul gangnam cheongdamdong we met GSY who endorses for environmentally friendly comestics brand and was having the poster shooting. In order to match the brand concept, GSY gave off a pure and bright feeling, with a sleeveless white dress and straight long hair, it was as if she was a genie that just jumped out suddenly from the forest. 

The first series of photos was a close up.Although the poses were the same, but along with the various angles on the face, her facial expression alsochanged. Her face seems to be the face that when various facial expressions are made there are different vibes. No matter what, GSY's greatest charming point should be her eyes. In reality, when seeing her eyes, GSY's eyes are a mixture of green and light brown, giving off a mysterious feeling. She is very suitable to be a CF endorsement model for the comestics brand in all aspects. 

The shooting went on meticulously. In order to capture her various expresisons, 10 over staff were all busy. Although all around could be heard compliments like "so pretty", but GSY was more focused and sensitive to hearing the various things to take note of during the shoot rather than the compliments, having the professionalism to complete the shoot as perfectly as possible. In fact this is not GSY's first comestics CF. GSY had once been selected to film an advertisement for a particular comestics brand as the model for Asia. But the brand has another korean model, so this fact is not well known in Korea. But at the moment, in China GSY's first comestics CF picture is being wildly circulated. Has she already shown signs of being a Hallyu star? 

The day of filming was the first time she shot a CF after her name as GSY was made widely known, from this point it can be said the sense of responsibility has increased. It was possibly because of this, she was more focused on the monitor than any other person, and was very open to the suggestions from the staff. 

For the media, GSY is often compared to that of a star who suddenly shot out brightly out of nowhere, but I'm reality the time she was not known was relatively long. Starting from middle school and for as long as 7 years she spent her time as a trainee in SM entertainment and bit the bullet. She persevered silently even during the time she saw all her fellow trainees that she trained together with debuting onto the glorious stage and times. She subsequently transferred to her current company yuko company, and spent 1 year in preparation. Although many people think her debut piece was HITTG, but in fact she took part in cable tvN <I love lee tae-ri> (2012), she had also shown her face in 2014 SBS's <My lovely girl>. Because her role was small she was not recognized by many people, GSY was a rookie at places where she was not seen silently gaining inner strength and ready at any time.  

GSY who experienced time waiting was different as she was caring towards each and every staff member. During the lunch break while filming, she moved the chairs for all the staff members, and the way she went all out to make sure that they had a more comfortable lunch time left a deep impression on everyone. She possesses the necessary bright face to endorse a cosmetics cf and hiding behind that face is a mature and bright inner character.

Come on if you're ready, Cinderella. It would be such a pity to leave GSY right now, so let's provide some behind the scenes as fan-service!

  1. What is GSY's reverse indoor shoe? Because the close up is shot sitting down, GSY is wearing the indoor slipper and not the prepared high heel. She looks comfortable for the moment right? But it is probably the indoor slippers of the working staff, it looks rare big for her small feet~
  2. Keep a tight watch on loose hair! We reveal the second fan service. In order to have no hair out of place, and a nice and neat appearance, a pin was used at the back of the head to fix the hair that flows on the back.
  3. Aw. The hair fell. The third fan service, it seems that because of the hair pin on the back fell so a few strands of hair fell. The way she arranges the hair that fell captures people's attention.
  4.  Lastly is of course the shot of the shining goddess. As if she just woke up after beauty sleep, her skin is white and eye catching. Let's look forward to GSY first national cosmetic CF~~~

For more photos, click here.

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Source: Naver TV

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