[Calendar] August 2015

August 1 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 282: JongYeon brought their dogs, having fun in the rooftop waterpark, went to JH's sulbing cafe [vid]
[WGM unaired cut] JongYeon's CF [vid]
August 2 Gong Seungyeon filming for KBS 'Hello Counselor' along with B1A4
Lee Jonghyun 1st Fanmeeting in Japan 
August 4 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's posts [link]
August 5 Day 14
[WGM filming] JongYeon spotted in Gimpo airpot [bts], filming in Jeju: driving, surfing, parasailing
August 6 Day 15
[WGM filming] Breakfast, swimming, lighthouse, museum, sailing
August 19 Day 16
[WGM filming] Last episode: at home, FNC studio [fan report]

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[Calendar] July 2015

July 1 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's post [link]
CNBLUE back to Korea
July 3 [IG Saga] JongYeon liked each other's post [link][link][link]
Seungyeon became new model for ‘Centre Pole’ apparel
CNBLUE heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 4 CNBLUE ‘The Class’ Meet & Greet event at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.
CNBLUE took a late night flight back to Korea after the event.
[WGM unaired cut] Jonghyun and Seungyeon together in his bedroom [vid]
[WGM Broadcast] Episode 278: Seungyeon playing gayageum, JongYeon enjoying night view of Busan, Seungyeon’s surprise birthday gifts, Jonghyun’s wedding proposal [
vid] [guide]
July 6 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's post [link]
Seungyeon went to ‘The Guest’ VIP movie premiere
July 7 [IG Saga] Jo Minki commented on Seungyeon’s instagram post. Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]
July 8 Day 13
[WGM Filming] JongYeon brought their dogs, having fun in the rooftop waterpark, went to JH's sulbing cafe 

July 11 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 279: JongYeon's first pitch, SY winning beer contest, talk before wedding. [vid]
[WGM unaired cut] Roleplaying a beach scene, SY's friend call and sunglasses couple [vid]
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's post [link]

July 16 [IG Saga] JongYeon liked each other's post. [link][link]
July 18 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 280: Wedding guest introduction, Choa singing, wishes for the lovely couple [vid]
July 20 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]
July 25 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 281: Compete with the guest in various games, romantic dinner and dance blues [vid]
[WGM unaired cut] Speed quiz match [vid]
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link

July 29 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]

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[Calendar] June 2015

Possible Wedding Date [link]

June 1 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon's photo [link]
June 2 [Seungyeon on Starnews interview] “Dreamt of being a singer like BoA” & “Jonghyun has a cute side” [1][2]
June 3 [Seungyeon on Asiatoday interview] “Filming WGM with Jonghyun helped my acting” [link]
Seungyeon went for a trip to Konjiam with Heard It To The Grapevine casts
June 4 Jonghyun was spotted outside FNC Entertainment building
Seungyeon casted in historical drama 'Six Flying Dragons'

[Seungyeon on Newsen interview] “It would be weird if we weren’t keeping in contact off-screen” & “Last relationship was 2 years ago, now like it with Lee Jonghyun on WGM” [1][2]
June 5 [Seungyeon on TVdaily interview] “WGM with Jonghyun is not a pretense but a real feeling of marriage” [link]
[Seungyeon on Xportsnews interview] “WGM has no script at all and is 100% real” [link]
June 6 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 274: School uniform date in the zoo, JongYeon went to FNC Entertainment [vid] [guide]
June 8 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's photo [link]
June 9 100th day!
Seungyeon posted DC gall's Jongyeon 100th day project gifts on her IG
Seungyeon went for clothing brand ‘Center Pole’ fitting
[Seungyeon on Mydaily interview] “Why I left ‘Ace’ SM” & “Gong Seungyeon? Have you heard the rumors?” [1][2]

June 10 Jonghyun and other CNBLUE members went to a photoshoot for men's clothing brand 'The Class'
[WGM unaired cut] Seungyeon found Jonghyun’s ‘Waetoriya’ photo in his phone, Jongyeon taking pictures in school uniform during zoo date [vid][vid]
June 11 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's video [link]
Jonghyun and other CNBLUE members heading to Japan
June 12 CNBLUE official fan meeting 2015 BOICE in Japan at Yokohama, Day 1
June 13 CNBLUE official fan meeting 2015 BOICE in Japan at Yokohama, Day 2
[Seungyeon on Newsen interview] Seungyeon opens up about trainee days with Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Suju’s Henry and f(x) Sulli [link]
[WGM Broadcast] Episode 275: Seungyeon went to FNC Kingdom concert to support Jonghyun, JongYeon hanging out with CNBlue Minhyuk and Jungshin [vid] [guide]
June 14 CNBLUE back to Korea
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]
June 17 [Seungyeon on The Star interview] “Fan of Bae Yong Joon since high school” [link]
Day 12:
[WGM Filming] Likely Wedding Date, vows, singing, games, dance
June 18 [WGM unaired cut] JY play a game with Minhyuk and Jungshin [vid]
June 20 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 276: KTX ride, strolling on SongDo beach [vid] [guide]
[Seungyeon on The Star interview] “We Got Married husband Lee Jonghyun is 10/10” [link]
June 22 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s vid [link]
June 23 CNBLUE official fan meeting 2015 BOICE in Japan at Grand Cube, Osaka, Day 1
Seungyeon went to Sixteen final recording to support Jungyeon
June 24 CNBLUE official fan meeting 2015 BOICE in Japan at Grand Cube, Osaka, Day 2
[WGM unaired cut] Jonghyun's jealousy and Seungyeon’s first phone call with Jonghyun’s parents [vid][vid]
[IG Saga] JongYeon liked each other's post [link][link]
June 25 CNBLUE back to Korea
[IG Saga] Jonghyun’s sister ‘ppyong_ji___in’ started following Seungyeon on instagram
June 27 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 277: JongYeon visit to elementary school, Jonghyun and Seungyeon having judo session, dinner with Jonghyun’s family [vid] [guide]
June 29 [IG Saga] Jonghyun’s sister liked Seungyeon’s photo
CNBLUE went to Japan
June 30 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo with JackJack and Gongju. Seungyeon and Jonghyun started following actor Jo Minki and he also commented on Seungyeon’s and Jonghyun’s instagram posts. Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo.[link][link]

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[Calendar] May 2015

May 2 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 270: Painting new house, grocery shopping, Jonghyun cooking, Seungyeon singing to Jonghyun’s guitar play [vid] [guide]
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photos [link]
2015 FNC Kingdom in Seoul, Day 1
May 3 2015 FNC Kingdom in Seoul, Day 2
Day 8: 63rd day
[WGM Filming] Seungyeon attended the concert to support Jonghyun [bts]
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]
May 5 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [1] [2]
May 6 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s unshaven photo [link]
Seungyeon spotted at Namsan Art Centre after watching a play
May 8 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s ‘vampire’ photo [link]
May 9 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 271: Backhug selca, Jonghyun showing new house interior to Seungyeon, Jonghyun met father-in-law [vid] [guide]
[WGM unaired cut] Seungyeon massaging Jonghyun, JongYeon’s funny exercise [vid][vid]
May 12 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s Orange Marmalade scripts & rice wreath photo [link]
‘Orange Marmalade’ press conference [vid]
May 13 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s videos of playing guitar. Jonghyun changed his instagram bio to “I'm just a person who live by just having fun doing this or that” [link]
May 14 Day 9: 74th day
[WGM Filming] JongYeon went to Busan [bts]
May 15 Day 10: 75th day
A surprise birthday party for Jonghyun was held by the WGM staffs at midnight after his filming schedule.Seungyeon sent in a story to Heo Gyeonghwan’s Starry Night radio to wish Jonghyun happy birthday. She requested a song titted Say You Love Me. [link]
[IG Saga] Jonghyun’s brother-in-law followed Seungyeon on instagram. He commented on her photo “Really glad to meet you yesterday~^^ Will always support you”.[1] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photos.[2][3]
'Orange Marmalade’ first broadcast
May 16 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 272: Jonghyun met father-in-law, Jonghyun lost his couple keychain, a new mission for Ceci magazine photoshoot [vid] [guide]
Jonghyun heading to Hongkong from Seoul, spotted with SY sticker on his phone
[IG Saga] Jonghyun’s brother-in-law liked Seungyeon’s photo. Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo. [link]
2015 FNC Kingdom in Hongkong, Day 1
May 17 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo.1 Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo and birthday celebration video.2[1][2]
Jonghyun spotted with SY sticker on his phone while going for shopping in Hongkong
2015 FNC Kingdom in Hongkong, Day 2
May 18 Jonghyun back to Korea, still with SY sticker at the airport
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo. Jonghyun’s manager ‘tigermoth84’ started following Seungyeon.[link]
May 19 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photo [link]
May 20 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s beautiful photo in Heonreung [link]
May 21 Day 11: 81st day
[WGM Filming] JongYeon’s ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game [bts]
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s photos at the baseball game/stadium [link]
May 22 [Seungyeon on InStyle magazine interview] “With the blessing from WGM, I seems found my new ideal type” [link]
May 23 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 273: Ceci magazine photoshoot, Seungyeon cooks first meal for hubby [vid] [guide]
May 24 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photos [1][2]
May 25 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo [link]
May 27 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun’s post [link]
[WGM unaired cut] JongYeon having snacks at 'To The Different' cafe after Ceci photoshoot [vid]
May 28 Seungyeon doing photoshoot for 'Ohboy!' magazine
May 29 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's video and photo [1][2]
May 30 [WGM Broadcast] Cancelled due to extended baseball game
May 31 [IG Saga] Jongyeon liked each other's post [1][2]

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[Calendar] April 2015

April 1 Jonghyun filming his drama in Jeju.
JongYeon broke their cellphone screens on the same day
April 2 Day 5: 32nd day
[WGM Filming] Seungyeon’s surprise welcome at airport & JongYeon moving in to the newlywed house 
April 3 Seungyeon talked about Jonghyun and Henry in ‘GRAZIA’ interview [link]
April 4 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 266: First night together in a ryokan [vid] [guide]
April 5 CNBLUE Japan 9th Single ‘WHITE’ Release
April 6 Jonghyun spotted in town with red Aston Martin car.
[WGM Filming] Jonghyun consulted for house interior design 
Seungyeon attended ‘Revivre’ VIP movie premiere
April 7 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo [link]
Aston Martin Seoul tagged Jonghyun in their instagram post of Aston Martin V8 Vantage
April 9 ‘Fluttering India’ press conference
April 10 ‘Fluttering India’ first broadcast [kbs world]
April 11 Seungyeon went to ‘80 Nail’ shop
[IG Saga] “Cherry blossom” [1][2]
[WGM Broadcast] Episode 267: Onsen bath, calligraphy session, first hand holding & ferris wheel date [vid] [guide]
April 12 Jonghyun spotted watching a movie with Minhyuk and Jungshin
April 14 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon's photos [link]
April 16 Day 6: 46th day
[WGM Filming] Showing new house interior to wife, wearing couple bracelet, Jonghyun’s surprise meeting with father-in-law, CeCi photoshoot, unaired: To The Different Cafe
April 17 Seungyeon revealed as the face of beauty brand BEYOND [link]
April 18 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 268: Japan date - haunted house, light show, Secret Garden confession [vid] [guide]
April 19 [IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's IG posts [link]
April 20 Jonghyun at Namhae, Busan for Orange Marmalade filming
[IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon's photo [link]
April 21 Jonghyun heading to Osaka from Busan
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked Jonghyun's IG posts [link]. Jonghyun’s friend ‘kse3125’ liked Seungyeon’s photo
April 22 CNBLUE ‘White’ Spring Live 2015 in Osaka
[IG Saga] Seungyeon liked and commented “Good job” on Jonghyun’s after performance photo. Jonghyun liked Seungyeon's IG post [1][2]
April 23 CNBLUE ‘White’ premium fansigning event at Japan
[IG Saga] Seungyeon uploaded her ‘Lucy’ photo wearing couple bracelet. 
April 25 [IG Saga] Jonghyun “Heol?” at Seungyeon’s photo wearing hanbok [link]
[WGM Broadcast] Episode 269: Japan rickshaw ride & tied legs mission, Seungyeon greeted hubby at the airport & JongYeon intimate conversation in the car [vid] [guide]
CNBLUE ‘White’ Spring Live 2015 in Yokohama
April 26 [IG Saga] Seungyeon’s “How should I close his mouth” comments on Jonghyun’s photo. Baek Ji Young’s also commented on the photo. Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo.[1][2]
Jonghyun back to Korea from Japan
April 27 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked Seungyeon’s photo with her stylist [link]
April 28 JongYeon’s CeCi photoshoot BTS video released [link]
MBC released WGM CeCi photoshoot trailer [vid]
[IG Saga] JongYeon liked each other’s photo [1][2]
April 29 [IG Saga] Jonghyun liked and commented “Hwaiting!” on Seungyeon’s photo with her sister [link].
April 30 [IG Saga] Seungyeon tagged Jonghyun in her ‘#IamASuperFan’ post. JongYeon liked each other’s photos [1][2]
Day 7: 60th day
[WGM Filming] Everland date in school uniform & meeting with CNBLUE brothers-in-law at FNC Ent. [bts]


[Calendar] March 2015

March 2 Day 1: 1st day
[WGM Filming] JongYeon’s first meeting [bts]
March 5 Kim Woobin congratulated newly married Jonghyun in Twenty’ Naver Movie Talk
March 8 Jonghyun headed to Japan & attended Yonghwa’s One Fine Day 1st solo concert at Tokyo
March 9 CNBLUE ‘White’ PV filming Jonghyun stayed at Japan while the rest CNBLUE members went back to Korea
March 10 Day 2: 10th day
[WGM Filming] Seungyeon went to Japan, Jonghyun serenading at the park, JongYeon spending the night in a ryokan
March 11 Day 3: 11th day
[WGM Filming] Onsen bath, calligraphy session, visiting amusement park, light show and Secret Garden [bts]
March 12 Day 4: 12th day
[WGM Filming] A tour around Arashiyama, Kyoto [bts]
March 14 [IG Saga] Jonghyun followed and unfollowed Seungyeon on instagram
[WGM Broadcast] Episode 263: JongYeon’s first meeting [vid][guide][recap]
March 15 F(x) Amber posted her photo with Seungyeon on instagram “Are you happy getting married? Love you my friend”
March 18 Jonghyun attended ‘Twenty’ VIP movie premiere with Minhyuk
March 21 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 264: Jonghyun-Yewon and Seungyeon-Henry date & partner selection [vid][guide][recap]
March 26 [IG Saga] JongYeon followed each other on instagram [link]
March 28 [WGM Broadcast] Episode 265: Seungyeon goes to Japan, serenade in the park, shinkansen ride [vid] [guide][recap]

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