episode 281

[Video] Episode 281: Unaired Scenes


[Recap] Chemistry based on true life experience


I went to watch the first couple of episodes of uri couple during my study breaks just to find some really interesting little bits and pieces in context to the knowledge we have now, months later. Thought I'd share in case some of you aren't aware of this anymore either...^_^

During the early WGM segments of uri couple Jonghyun is still quite concious of the cameras and his audience. Also he doesn't want to appear like an open book to Seungyeon at first. He said quite a few times how he wanted to control his face expressions, but he eventually just couldn't help his cheek bones shooting up into a huge smile showing off his dimples almost whenever he looked at Seungyeon. Now he doesn't seem to care as much anymore. He's become as comfortable as possible around the cameras and what's even more important, he doesn't even try to hide his emotions from Seungyeon anymore. This smile is pretty much engraved to his face around about 90 percent of the time these two spend together and I gotta say, I really love seeing him happy like that! 
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[Recap] This strange feeling called...

So many great posts!!!! 

I'd like to draw your attention to a scene that stopped my heart. Take it as you see it first, then go back and watch it slow, noticing each of their faces...especially SY. Here is the wonderful sub to help us out

SY: Wow. It is really pretty.
JH: What?
SY: Just the things..
SY: The lighting, and you...
SY: You're more handsome, looking at you up close.
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[Recap] From the very first time they met, they meant it

A couple like JY is the reason as to why WGM prevails in terms of its genuineness, its implications, and its ability to allow two individuals to open up romantically, emotionally, and mentally. Not all couples fit into this category; Many do not take the full advantages of the show's premise, instead going with the safe option of maintaining a friendly, working relationship with their counterpart rather than taking a step further. WGM has allowed for those couples that genuinely are attracted to each other, such as JY, to fully express themselves. It's during those key moments where they open up that we can see how they truly feel and think about one another. WGM's participants are almost always celebrities; they are instructed to uphold a public image, and are responsible for maintaining this image on a regular basis. However, it's the type of show that makes WGM stand out from the others; they are given free reign to express what is on their mind, and reveal an aspect of themselves that their fans rarely ever see. It is one of the closest representations of their personalities, beliefs, and romantic life that is available for us, the viewers and fans.
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[Recap] First dance under the light of the moon and a thousand stars

I was wondering where to start my comment only to realize that anywhere would be just fine. So many true things were already said, so many special moments have been captured before.

This couple makes our heart race like no other, they let us laugh out loud or cringe into a pillow while watching them alone by ourselves; they manage to take our breath away and unite us here in this thread for one simple reason: we wish them the best of luck for their joint future. And to me this future becomes more clear and reasonable each and every week.

Jonghyun and Seungyeon have exactly the right pace. We sometimes want them to hurry up to ease our tension, but for them the pace is just perfect. Nothing feels rushed or insincere. They share with us (almost) every step of their way and I for one am so grateful to be able to follow their journey.

Although I hoped for the intimate type of wedding at first I changed my mind now. After being given that first dance at the end of the evening I could imagine how a private wedding would have felt like. So many melons literally died yesterday, when the both of them sort of confessed/confirmed their true feelings... I’m just fine with JongYeon keeping the intimate wedding for the real deal later to kill off the rest of them then. :DRead more

[Recap] Crazy beautiful couple


I'm back from a 2-day company summit and i missed reading this thread.  And the 2 days went by just as fast as me eating chocolates.  I have to say, this community is progressively amazing as i have to read 15-20 pages back.  And boy, was i not excited?  I have to set aside office works right after i got home from the summit just to watch the raw version.  And yes, ladies and gents, i was not disappointed!!!

Let me put some moments that really drugged me and made me high.... And yeah, let me just say, this couple is crazy that i have to keep on checking reality.  CRAZY?  Because they make me crazy... Crazy imagining how real they are.  Crazy imagining what conversations they normally have.  Crazy imagining me in front of them witnessing their crazy lovey dovey antics.  Crazy imagining them doing normal couples do.  Crazyyy... gahhh i can go on forever.

Anyway, going back to my favorite moments. (I could be sidetracked easily when i get to think of these 2)

First, i loved how SY is so comfortable clinging to JH.  It's like a typical GF hanging onto their man for protection, comfort, familiarity,ease, sense of belongingness amongst the crowd.  I often do this with my man especially when i'm in an unfamiliar place/crowd.  There's always this feeling of wanting to be comfortable/safe with people you're not too familiar or just met.  And basically, i got that sense from her.  She may not be 100% at ease at the time but knowing she can cling to him anytime is a big relief.Read more