Gong Seungyeon master : god of noodles food support

[IG/FB] 160615 Gong Seungyeon & Waffleday update

Gong Seungyeon update


waffledaytruck update with Gong Seungyeon

Seungyeon is holding the customized GSY cherry & oreo topping made specially for yesterday! Her favorite~💕

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[Project] Gong Seungyeon Master of Revenge Food Support


We're here!ㅎㅎ Gong Seungyeon Global Fan Union let's go!

Gong Seungyeon Master of Revenge Food Support is a success! Big, big thank you to everyone who helped!

We want to thank all the contributors, donators, and our collaborators (02 China Fans and Queen Bee Ina) for making this support possible

Full report of the food support soon! Again, thank you so much! (PS. The truck owner said Seungyeon is re~ally beautiful ^^)

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