Sparkling Night

[Video] Lee Jonghyun's 1st solo MV is out!

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[IG] 160617 Lee Jonghyun update

Trans by GongLee Global: Moonlight Swing MV ver short Wow kekeke only here~ :D Everybody please enjoy. How is it ~

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[Mass Order] Lee Jonghyun 1st Solo Album 'Sparkling Night'


To support Lee Jonghyun's first solo, we are opening a mass order for his album, 'Sparkling Night.'
Please complete the form below with your order and details:


How to order:
1) Fill up the form to make your order
2) Receive confirmation email with total amount to pay from GongLee Global
3) Make the payment and done

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please read this carefully):
* Please do not make payment until we send you the total amount via a confirmation email
* For alternative payment options (other than Paypal), please email
* Album will only start to send early of September, please do not make any order if you are not able to wait
* GongLee Global will not bear any cost of charges
* Buyer will take care of own custom taxes (if any)
* Please refer to the Shipping chart for fees for your zone
* Sale until supplies last (refund will be made if sold out)
* All profits of 02 guitar pick bracelet will go into the fund for future support activities
* All albums sent to a Japan address will help count in Oricon Chart

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[Info] Lee Jonghyun's 1st Japan Solo Album 'SPARKLING NIGHT'

Lee Jonghyun's 1st Japan Solo Album will be released on Jul 27, 2016, and online order by FNC Music Japan has opened from today (Jun 8, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 6.59.04 PM

Countdown has started for Lee Jonghyun's solo site


Album's order detail