[Video] 151205 Seungyeon cut in JYP’s Survival Show “Sixteen”

cr:Faerie JM

translation by isocode 

SY: "you look very tired"
jy  : "it's tiring"
sy : "look like you age a few years"

[tearing up]
sy : "oh its very..."
sy : "you don't usually talk about this things"
sy : "you usually don't now you're crying"

sy : "what else are you doing?"

jy  : "(park jin young)i met the PD-nim, received a mission"
sy : "oh, you received a mission?"
jy  : "yes, i received a mission"
sy : "is it 16 people?"
jy  : "it's 16 people, but it's split into major and minor"
sy : "really? that's really cruel"
jy  : "right?"
sy : "so which one are you in?
jy  : "unfortunately im in the minor now"
jy  : "so that's why i need to do well in this mission"
sy : "nervous? you must be really worried"
jy  : "i'm really worried about that, whether i will do well"
sy : "you will do well, really"
sy : "unnie believes in you"