[Recaps] they said it’s the end…

by onlyblue7 at soompi

Hi everyone,

I finally had some time to watch the last episode with subs. Was all geared up to post my thoughts but real life got really busy…

I said I’d post about my favourite scenes from their whole stint, but I don’t think I have enough time for that now. The memories are already etched in my mind so I’ll save that for another time.

So on to the last episode…Sorry if I’m repeating what you guys have brought up before, but doesn’t that mean we are in agreement about how things went with our couple? Hehe…

It’s admirable that they were sweet up to the last cut. Forget the awkward hug because like Jonghyun said, “They said it’s the end”. It’s like telling her, “I’m doing it this way only because they told me to. No worries ok?”.

What I like about Jonghyun is as much as he’s a natural leader, he’s a very considerate man. He has his own thoughts about what to do, but he still shows respect and consideration for Seungyeon so that she does not feel uncomfortable. It’s actually quite surprising that I didn’t cry during the last episode but I think Jonghyun put our worries to rest. He was bent on giving hints that their relationship, whatever it may be, does not end with the show. Every time Seungyeon mentioned “the last” or “the end”, he replied with suggestions that they could still keep in touch after the show. I also like how natural their conversation went when making plans to meet.

I also like how he was back to his usual self in the last episode. Well…for the most part. He was sighing quite a lot in the last episode, but as surprising as it may be, I actually like the seemingly contrived last meeting that MBC squeezed in. It’s so like Jonghyun to try and pack that mirror, cotton swabs, and hair dryer…lol~. He tried to lighten up the mood by ensuring that they still had some fun during that meeting. The song recording portion was cute too, and he looked really cool there. I keep repeating the part when he said “you are doomed today!” while adjusting the mike height for Seungyeon. He wanted to be kind to Seungyeon, but couldn’t hold his laughter when Seungyeon didn’t breathe in between the lines. When he changed to his commanding tone to ask her to repeat her lines, I found it extremely cool and funny at the same time. He also laughed after he tried to act like the demanding producer because he probably knew he just couldn’t be like that towards this lovely girl. I like him because he has just the right mix of playfulness and thoughtfulness.

With the IG interaction, I’m glad that he took the lead in being active in liking her photos. It’s like telling her: I’m for real. Trust me and we’ll be ok. She was quiet but she finally liked his photos after the likes from him. She probably needed some assurance and it’s fully understandable. I don’t know for sure what it’s like behind the scenes, but seeing their IG interaction and not having media reports on it is quite surprising. Either FNC is doing every bit it can to block the articles or the media is currently interested in other things. In any case, I think our couple is so smart to play it just vague enough for people to think they are posting for their fans, but clear enough to just the both of them that the updates are for that one and only person. Call me delulu but I think most of us have gone through it before. I myself remember posting stuff on SNS which were for only one person but I tried to make it general enough for my friends to think that I’m just admiring the scenery or reflecting on life. I also remember how excited I was when that one person liked or commented on my post. It’s just how life goes; celebrities are human too. When in love, you just want to show it to the world, and hiding it is such a torture.

I think these two are moving in the right direction. It’s good to see that they are both hard at work and still supporting each other in small but meaningful ways. In time to come, I hope they will realise that these are precious moments they wanna replay over and over again, so the only way is to be together for real. All the best to them!