[Trans] Gong Seungyeon in GRAZIA Korea April Issue (Cover Story)

[Trans] Gong Seungyeon in GRAZIA Korea April Issue (Cover Story)

Translation by GongLee Global


As it is, I’m loving now.

Another trans: (I’m loving how it is/how I am now)


Even without bothering to dress up and put on makeup, I met a truly beautiful Gong Seungyeon. Just like the pink light that just bloomed from the mountaintop.


  1. Whoa, it’s your third time to shoot with Grazia. And this time, you’re on the cover.

I have a good relationship with Grazia. I had my first interview with Grazia, it’s a real honor to have taken my first cover shoot with them, too.


  1. How was today’s shoot?

The atmosphere was cozy, so we were able to shoot comfortably. I find that it’s easier for me to shoot beauty editorials, that rely on facial expressions and emotions, than fashion editorials.


  1. How different is it now, compared to 3 years ago?

To be honest, I felt a lot of anxiety when I first started my career. However, I feel that I’ve grown a lot as my body of work expands. I feel happy with my situation right now.


  1. You’re done filming ‘Are You Human Too?’ which is slated for broadcast in June. It’s your first leading role on a public network drama, right?

That’s right. During last year’s interview, I was filming ‘Circle,’ before that, I was doing ‘My Only Love Song,’ and just at the end of last year, I finished ‘Are You Human Too?’ Last year was really busy. We filmed ‘Are You Human Too?’ without stopping to breathe, I felt a lot more burden and pressure because it was a leading role. I wondered if I can accomplish it because I wanted it. And when it was done, it felt more significant because I went beyond my limits. I learned to stay focused on my acting.

  1. Can you tell us about the character you played as?

The (drama’s) story is about a mother who misses his son who’s been in a coma for 3 years, so she made an AI robot who looks exactly like him. I play as Sobong, a former mixed martial arts athlete, who was tasked to look after the robot. It’s a character who prefers to use her body (as in, physically fights, action-oriented) rather than use her words. She quit being an athlete because of money and became a bodyguard, she’ll do whatever it takes to earn money. In guarding the Nam Shin robot, she starts to seek what life is really about.


  1. You must’ve done a lot of action scenes.

I went to an action school and trained a lot for it, but there weren’t a lot of action scenes. It’s not very easy to sculpt a body that looks like a martial artist’s. (I wasn’t able to do it) so, I felt sorry about that, but because of it, it was easier to use my body while acting.


  1. It probably wasn’t easy to act with a robot. How was your working relationship with your partner, Seo Kangjun?

He portrayed a robot that has feelings, so it was like he was no different from everyone else. For most of it, he’s in a chaotic state because he doesn’t know (he can’t understand) who/what he is. I can recall how I felt and what I thought of at that time. Seo Kangjun is someone very playful, so that helped a lot in making the filming atmosphere comfortable. It’s the first time I acted alongside a same-aged friend. So, we were able to go through filming pleasantly.


  1. You’ve managed to play a variety of characters in a short period of time. Is there a set of standards with which you pick your work?

I’m still in the process of learning. So instead of me choosing my work, I put my faith on the director who chose me for the role. We discuss about the character a lot and I follow the director’s lead so I can become the right fit for the character. However, I’m still not satisfied with my acting (skill). Other actors say the same, but I’m really not comfortable watching myself act. I’m left with a sense of frustration, ‘I should’ve done this on that scene.’ I guess it’s luck that brought me here. The directors I worked with recommended me to other directors, so I was able to work constantly.


  1. So you say it’s luck? But you were an idol trainee for 7 years, so you must be a hard worker.

While I was a trainee, I auditioned for an acting role by chance, and when I arrived at the filming site, I felt like it’s where I belonged. Rather than being a hard worker, I realized it a bit late that singing and dancing wasn’t suited for me. The reason for wanting to act is simple: I feel happy when I’m in the filming site. I like talking with other actors and the staff and the feeling that creating something.


  1. Which character you’ve played most resembles you?

A lot of the characters I’ve played have confident personalities and were assertive, but I’m not like that. Sometimes, I feel envious of the characters who are able to clearly express what they want. I feel that it’s more comfortable and natural for me to accept other people’s ideas that to create an awkward situation because I insisted on what I want. Normal university student, Circle’s Han Jeongyeon comes to mind, I think I’m similar to her.


  1. Since (AYHT) filming is  done, what are you up to these days?

I sleep a lot, I go on trips, meet my friends, and watch a lot of movies. My everyday life is nothing special. Recently, I’ve moved to a new place so I’m spending a lot of time organizing my things. So, I became interested in interior design, I look up a lot of things about it.


  1. It sounds like your house is lovely.

Interior design is harder than I thought. I think I messed up a lot. Haha!


  1. There’s a lot of things to buy. Do you like shopping?

I don’t particularly like shopping. I like a comfortable style like t-shirt and jeans, I’m not someone who goes shopping a lot. When I was moving, I realized that (my pet) Bami has more things than I do.


  1. Ah, you’re raising a cat? Your eyes have a cat-like charm to them.

My face might look like a cat’s, but my personality is more like a puppy’s.


  1. Your face is similar to a cat’s, but has a tenderness to it.  Which part of your face do you like the most?

My eyes. They have a very light brown color. I like to think that my bright eyes played a part in making my face look special.


  1. You receive a lot of love from beauty brands. Looking at you now, I can see that your skin is so clean and clear. What’s your secret?

My mom and the people around me to take special care of my skin, but I’m not very much concerned about the physical appearance so I don’t feel the need for it so far. It sounds cliche, but I don’t think there’s anything better than a good night’s sleep and drinking a lot of water (to help the skin). The best secret is to be careful not to irritate (the skin on) your face. Because I like natural things, I rarely put on makeup. So I wash my face lightly in the morning, and cleanse it thoroughly in the evenings. I tend to be very careful in choosing the cosmetics I use. I like products that are gentle, so Darphin is one of my favorites.


  1. Darphin’s Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum, how was it, using the ‘Pink Intral?’

It has a flowery scent which gives me a relaxed feeling, so it really suits me. I don’t like the feeling when I put something heavy on my face. I like Intral Serum because it has a light texture and can be applied directly after using toner. It has a great effect in soothing sensitive skin so it’s particularly good to use when outdoors or under hot lighting. It’s good to use when heavy makeup stings the skin and there’s reddishness.    


  1. How do you relieve yourself of stress?

When I’m upset and feel like things don’t work out, I sleep. And after some time, things will resolve themselves.


  1. I think you have a really easy-going personality. What do you like these days?

The weather. Spring is coming.


  1. The Gong Seungyeon now is really like springtime. What are your plans for the future?

I’m not the type to make huge plans. Since I haven’t done a movie yet, it’s nice to be in one, perhaps a romantic comedy while I’m still pretty. Haha!