[Video] 150605 The Kyunghyang TV Interview Translation

Interview translated by @GongEEngsub

Q. Chosen because of ‘Ga ya geum’?
SY: Ga ya geum is,..
Reporter: How did you learn it?
SY: I’ve always said that I wanted to learn an instrument when I was a kid. And I think my mother wanted me to learn Ga ya geum. She asked me. “how about Ga ya geum”? I told her that I liked it, and in the beginning, I attended an after school session, an extra curricular activity, once, and I liked it very much. And just kept on attending from then on.

Q. Were an SM trainee…
SY: After I got picked by SM, and before signing contract, SM told me that they were going to host a competition. They told me they wanted to look at my skills and potential. So, I attended the competition, got first place…
Reporter: First place?
SY: Yes. But just in that category. They had the best looks, best dancers, they had many different categories.
The reason I quit, was because I wanted to act. That was the biggest reason. Also, I was attending school, and I wanted to be more diligent with my school life. This is when I got into university. I wanted to do well at school. And I was starting to get restless because the training was getting longer and longer. Bottom line is, I liked acting more. So, I decided to leave the company after telling them that I would prefer to act.

Q. Casting was because of hand written letter?
SY: I wrote a letter. When I attend auditions, there were more times when I walked out without being able to say everything I want to. Most of it was just reading the audition script and that was it. I felt I missed something…
Also, I have few friends at school, that worked on the director’s project before. All these friends were telling me a lot about director Ahn. And I wanted to work on his project so bad.
When I got the audition call, because I wanted to meet him so bad and I enjoyed many of his previous projects, I wanted to relay my sincerity. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to do it(during the audition). So I wrote a letter and gave it to him on the way out of the audition.
Reporter: To director Ahn?
SY: Yes.

Q. Good things about your senior actors?
SY: First off, they’re really great and natural at acting. They’re all veterans that appeared consistently on director Ahn’s projects. I like director Ahn’s projects, and I saw them all in his projects… I learned a lot from them. There were times when I didn’t have a shoot that day, but still went to learn from the seniors.
Reporter: On days when you don’t even shoot?
SY: Yes. I went there a lot. I stood behind the director and monitored the seniors’ acting.

Q. Part time job training?
SY: At first, hamburger place… no sandwich shop…
Reporter: Subway.
SY: Right. Subway… when I went there, I didn’t know what I was doing.
Reporter: You were to act as a part timer on the show.
SY: I was supposed to be a seasoned veteran that’s been working there for a while. Though I learned from them, I still didn’t know what to do. That’s when the director pulled me aside and asked; “Nuri, you’re a person that’s working part time at the sandwich shop every day”. “Should you be clueless like this”? That’s when I felt, I was thinking the wrong way about it. So, after that, I went directly to Subway and got trained, just like a worker. And personally served customers, making their sandwiches.
Reporter: Really?
SY: Yes.
Reporter: then you must know how to make sandwiches?
SY: Of course! I know all of it.
Reporter: Subway sandwiches?
SY: Of course. I even memorized it. Italian BMT has 3 slices of salami, ham 3 slices, 3 slices of bacon and on…
Reporter: You must know all of subway’s recipes?
SY: Yes, of course. I remember it all.
Reporter: That’s not bad.[/b]
SY: The supervisor told me to memorize the menu. I answered yes, and I posted the menu in front of my desk and memorized it. I also went their quite a few times and made a lot of sandwiches. I also made sandwiches when our staff came by.

Q. Anchor-women is in my blood?
SY: In the show I was playing the role of a person who was trying to become an anchor-women. So I went to an academy.
Reporter: Again. You went there?
SY: Yes. It was one of the most famous academy. I signed up, personally, under the name of ‘Seo Nu Ri’ rather than ‘Yu Seung Yeon’. I also had consultation and even attended a mock class.
Reporter: You’ve done an ‘undercover report’.
SY: Yes. Right, right. Rather than an undercover reporting, it was more like; I wanted to know how people prepare(for jobs), and also wanted to attend a class. Because I had to do it properly(on the set).
Then, one of the instructors asked me personally, that he would like me to pre-register for the course before I left. On that first day, s/he told me that he sees the potential and..
Reporter: On the first day?
SY: Yes.
Reporter: Potential, to become an anchor-women?
SY: Said there is a great potential and really wanted to recommend it to me. I told him/her that I would seriously think about it and went home. The instructor, however, kept on contacting and asking me; “Nu Ri, have you changed your thoughts”?, “the class is going to be full soon and will not be able to get in..” Even now, I still receive messages from the academy.
Reporter: She must have wanted you badly.
SY: So, I’m thinking of visiting them in the future. I didn’t mean to lie about it…
Reporter: You lied!
SY: I didn’t lie!
Just my role… Later on, I actually thought about it because of all the ‘love-calls’.**
*original is “ppung chi da”- the word is mainly used as a lighter meaning of “lie”. This word is most commonly used amongst friends or in the context of humorous lies.
**”love-call” is,.. something only used in Korea? I’ve never heard of it in North America. I think we all understand what it means in this context.

Q. Hobby is Calligraphy?
SY: My dad’s dream was to become a poet and calligrapher.
Reporter: Ah, your father?
SY: Yes, my father. And because my dad thought that the Chinese characters were very important, as soon as I got into elementary school, he grabbed my hand and took me to a calligraphy academy. I still remember it to this day. It was the first day of the holidays and I really didn’t want to get up but my dad woke me up and just took me there. Since then I’ve taken calligraphy. I think it was a really good match for me. It was well matched with my personality and a lot of other things. On top of that, my mother and father liked Korean traditional style. So, my mother wanted me to learn ‘ga ya geum’ and father, the calligraphy… I, also, resembled my mom and dad’s characteristics, in that I like things quiet and calm.

Q. The roles you want play?
SY: I want to try all kinds of roles. Historical drama,.. I really really want to do a historical drama.
Reporter: Ah, right. You were casted while wearing han-bok(Korean traditional dress)…
SY: I want to work on a historical drama, and.. things like double role.
Reporter: Double role?
SY: These days, the double role…
Reporter: double role. ah…
SY: Or things like horror, thriller. I want to try those too. A horror movie.